Shoppe Object 2022 Seed Packet Mailer

For My Darlin's return to tradeshows after a hiatus since February 2022 (in part due to the pandemic, in other part due to figuring out how to juggle the biz with the arrival of my pandemic baby), I decided to create a custom flower seed packet featuring designs from my new floral collection. I thought it was a fun way to send out something that you can then also use and think of us when your flowers bloom :) And as always, the envelope is designed and printed to match the whole thing, including careful attention to the typesetting of each address.

Fun fact: This idea was inspired by the birth announcement for my daughter that I designed while she was napping all swaddled up next to me at about 6 weeks old. Her name is Zinnia, so I illustrated some zinnias, created a custom address stamp, and filled little glassine envelopes with zinnia seeds that I sealed with a custom designed Zinnia sticker for DIY seed packet birth announcements. Working on that design for Zinnia really got me in the flower mood which is what inspired the current collection that's full of flowers, including one design that is directly inspired by her birth announcement.


Seed Care

If you received one of these, here are the care instructions for seeds, which are a North American Wildflower mix:

Sow seeds into a prepared garden site of approximately 20 sq. ft, after danger of frost is past. Press seeds into soil and water regularly until plants are well established.

Mix contains Purple Coneflower, Larkspur ‘Giant Imperial Mix’, Love-In-A-Mist, Coreopsis ‘Lance-Leaved’, Shasta Daisy, Sweet William, Globe Gilia, Black Eyed Susan, Virginia Stock, Blue Flax and Catchfly.