Pleased to meet ya

If you're looking to learn the story of My Darlin', look no further.

Who are you? What's your deal?

My Darlin’ is a design and paper goods studio founded by Priyanka Batra, inventor of the Notevelope.

A love for pretty pastels, bold typography, vintage novelty prints, 1940s banter, 1980s irreverence, and a susceptibility to love at first sight are at the heart of the company.

My Darlin' is vintage-inspired, linguistically-inclined, and romantic at heart.

What exactly do you do?

We design type, pattern, color, and language inspired greeting cards, wedding invitations, notevelopes, gift wrap, pencils and gift items.

We also work with small businesses and corporate clients on custom design projects.

Everything is designed out of our sunny Greenpoint studio in Brooklyn, New York. Letterpress items are printed in-house and we partner with eco-friendly manufacturers for items we don't produce ourselves.

What's in a name?

We make products for and inspired by the ones we love—our darlins.

When My Darlin’ launched with a collection of customizable wedding invitations in 2014, the name My Darlin’ felt like a perfect fit. Knowing that the company would eventually expand beyond wedding and wanting the flexibility to evolve in unpredictable ways, the name couldn’t be wedding-specific or even paper-specific. It had to be something that would fit our slightly nostalgic spirit and also make sense with our products.

Meet Priyanka Batra: the wise-gal in a novelty-print jumpsuit

Priyanka Batra is the founder, creative director, and lady-in-charge over at My Darlin'.

Before the darlin-days, Priyanka studied journalism at the University of Iowa, graphic design at Parsons-Paris and New York, and typeface design at The Cooper Union. 

Perhaps most important, her "fashion literacy” which began at the age of five in her mom’s closet full of Laura Ashley floral dresses and vibrant, colorful 80s prints.

She spent about seven years designing websites before weekends at the letterpress shop lured her back to paper, prints and vibrant colors.

For your records, please note that Priyanka's favorite food is eggs, she doesn't have a favorite color but rather, favorite color combinations, and she's a recovering eBay addict. 

Hugs 'n kisses to Mae B Films for this behind the scenes look into our printing process.